Gears 5!

Gears 5 baby! I’ve been looking forward to this Gears game since we found out the Kait Diaz was going to be the focus of the game. Now I’m still excited about the game even though Microsoft just tried really hard to change that with this presentation they just did for the game. The September 10th launch date puts gears in an already crowded September, with the likes of Borderlands 3, and the new Destiny 2 Expansion: Shadow Keep! Check out the first trailer below!

Gears 5 Trailer

Rod Fergusson announced a new game mode, called Escape which they released a trailer for, which you can find below. The game mode is a new-ish take on Horde mode in which you with a 2 others called Hive Busters are tasked with destroying hive bases and ESCAPING with their lives.

Escape Mode Trailer

The Hivebusters Lahni, Keegan, and Mac all have different unique abilities; including both passive and active abilities. Lanhi, who is the Scout character has electroblades that stun and damage enemies, Keegan the support character can create a small field where allies can regenerate ammo for a short period of time, and Mac the tank has a shield which seems invulnerable for some time. The game mode seems like a good time and a way to keep the game going after the initial campaign is over. Let me know what you thought of the all the Gears 5 announcements below in the comments and make sure you follow the blog for all the E3 breaking news!

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